Events in Palestine; Spring/Summer 2015

There is more to Palestine than the colonization perpetuated by Israel.

Despite the occupation Palestine has a rich culture and carries out educational events on a constant basis.If you’re in the region, it may prove fruitful to join in on some of these events and explore Palestine.

Below are links about some of the ongoing events in Palestine. If you’re in the area, here are some suggestions of places to visit and events to take part in.

Birzeit University 1978, Palestine
Birzeit University 1978, Palestine. Photo Via Facebook

March 24th: Bethlehem
Palestine Museum of Natural History
In this workshop, two mushroom enthusiasts will be talking about fungi and how they can be used in the process to achieve self-sufficiency and resilience. The discussions following the presentation will focus on mycology and permaculture as a means of non-violent resistance in a context of military occupation, land theft, limited resources, and continuous environmental degradation.

The subjects covered during the presentation will include:
– The history and biology of fungi
– Methods of cultivation
– Nutritional and medicinal uses
– Uses and applications of fungi
Tea, coffee and snacks will be served, everyone is welcome

March 24th: Ramallah
French-German Center

Nation Estate- Photograph Exhibition by Larissa Sansour (

March 24th- April 8th Salfit-West Bank
Permaculture Design Course

The farm is inviting you to register to its upcoming Permaculture Design Course. Permaculture is an ecological design system, and an integrated culture that aims to accomplish sustainable development on the long term. Everybody is invited to register and participate in this course, which may open doors to a lot of opportunities for you in the future.

March 27th: Bethlehem
Bethlehem Marathon

The Church of Nativity, the Wall, and two Refugee Camps – that’s the 42.195KM route participants of the Palestine Marathon will explore on March 27th 2015. As the last two years have proven the marathon will showcase different sides of the Palestine everyday life and the historic city of Bethlehem – the birthplace of Jesus. It’s a challenging route, which takes the runners on a two-loop street course for the marathon and one-loop for the half marathon, it includes a few steep hills coupled with some fast sections in a scenery like no other marathon

March 27: Jerusalem

“Rhetoric from Within Exhibition”

Majd Abdelhamid is a young Palestinian visual artist, born in Damascus, Syria (1988), and currently based in Ramallah. Graduated with a bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Malmö Art Academy (2010) in Sweden and attended the International Academy of Art – Palestine (2007-2009). He currently resides and works in Ramallah.

Abdelhamid works on deconstructing symbols of national identity, depression, conflict analysis, and time challenging the imagery of victim hood and taboos. Using a variety of media including embroidery/cross stitching, videos, public intervention, sculptures and paintings.

March 28-April 10: Ramallah

Ramallah Cultural Palace


March 30th: Ramallah
Ramallah Cultural Palace

Girl’s Educating Initiative (Charity Event)
Basel Zayid and Sarab will be present at the event. In support of female students in financial need to pursue their education

March 30th: Bethlehem
Short Films Screening
Three short films screening produced by Idioms Film (
Filmmakers include Omar Hamilton, Ramzi Hazboun, and Muhannad Ya’aqoubi

April 2nd: Jerusalem
“Forensic Architecture:Technologies of Public Truth”

He presents the work of Forensic Architecture at the intersection of architecture, war and law. Forensic Architecture is a research agency he set up in 2011 composed of artists, filmmakers and architectural researchers, which provides evidence for violations of international law and human rights. Elaborating notably on cases of military violence in Palestine and on a research for the UN on drone warfare in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia, Weizman shows how architectural methods and new sensing technologies can be used to expose the logic of violent conflict.

April 5th: Ramallah
Alqasaba Theatre: Ramallah Hospital St.

A Play based on a novel written by the late Palestinian writer Emile Habibi, acting by Palestinian artist Mohammad Bakri

April 14: Ramallah

Alqasaba Theatre

Silent play: Men in the Sun

April 16-26: Ramallah/Jerusalem

“Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival”

Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival is annually organized by Sareyyet Ramallah. It is an artistic festival specialized in contemporary dance, and was first held in 2006. In 2007, the Masahat Contemporary Dance Network, which in addition to Sareyyet Ramallah includes Maqamat Dance Theater – Lebanon, Tanween Dance Theatre – Syria, The National Center for Culture and Performing Arts – Jordan, was established. Since 2007, contemporary dance festivals are jointly organized by these organizations.

April 21: Abu Dis University
أنتم مدعوون للتجول في بازار حقوق الإنسان، حيث توزع المؤسسات الحقوقية منشورات وكتباً حقوقية أغلبها مجانية لمجتمع الجامعة وغيره من ضيوف جامعة القدس. يعقد البازار في المدخل الرئيس الشمالي لجامعة القدس.
كما ندعوكم لمشاهدة فلم “المطلوبون ال18” للمخرجين عامر الشوملي وبول كاون يتلوه حوار يديره أ. د. سري نسيبة حيث يحاور كلاً من د. جاد إسحق وأ. جميل البرغوثي حول المقاومة الشعبية. يرجى الانتباه بأن الفلم سيبدأ الساعة 12:00، بينما تبدأ فعاليات البازار الساعة 9 صباحاً.
You are invited to walk through the Al-Quds Human Rights Bazar, where you can pick up publications from different Palestinian and international human rights organizations working in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.
You will also be welcome to attend the film “The Wanted 18” after which Prof. Sari Nusseibeh will lead a discussion about popular resistance with Dr. Jad Ishaq and Mr. Jamil Barghouthi.
THE FILM WILL START AT 12:00 while the Bazar will open at 9:00 am

April 23: Yabrud, Ramallah

Climbing in Yabrud

Rock climbing in the village of Yabrud whilst exploring the village’s scenery.

April 22: Ramallah

Khalil Sakakni Cultural Center: 100 days of isolation

For over a year, the artist Nidaa Badwan isolated herself in a room whereby she created an alternate reality, a sanctuary protected from poverty and external violence. In this ornate four-walled space, the artist somehow managed to reach her inner freedom

April 24th: Al-Hadtha destroyed village

On Thursday, April 23, 2015, we will march to displaced Palestinian village of Hadatha. The march is part of an annual effort encompassing thousands of individual participants and organizations, including ADRIDP. The purpose of the march is to commemorate Palestinian Nakba on the so-called “Israeli Independence Day”, protest the expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland since 1948, and demand the right of return of Palestinian refugees and internally displaced people to their homes

April 23: Ramallah

Irish Pub

All the way from New York City, DJ Vega Benetton returns to Ramallah for another Thursday bringing you the best of Hip Hop, Rhythm and Blues, Reggae, Dance and much more before he returns to the East Coast. Join us at the Irish Pub Ramallah for a night to be remembered.

April 24th: Jerusalem

Edward Said National Conservatory of Music

Oriental music by: Ahmad Al- Khatib – Suhail Khoury – Youssef Hbeisch – Ibrahim Atari – Øystein Bru Frantzen accompanied by Wassim Qassis

April 25: Jerusalem

Edward Said National Conservatory of Music

The evening will consist of two performances, starting with Turath and Awj Ramallah and ending with a performance by Basel Zayed

April 30th: Ramallah

Franco-German Cultural Center

Death by Ahlam Shibli with Dr. Ulrich Loock

She employs photography to open the eyes, to see what is there as if it were for the first time, to recognize what is unrecognized, Ulrich Loock wrote about Ahlam Shibli in 2013.
The art historian, curator and critic was born in 1953 in Germany and worked as a director for several museums, i.a. Kunsthalle Bern, Kunstmuseum Luzern and Museu de Arte Contemporãnea de Serralves in Porto.
Ahlam Shibli was born in Palestine in 1970. One of the major subjects in her photographic series are the life in exile and impacts of displacement and exodus.

May 3rd : Ramallah

Ramallah Cultural Palace

A Performance by Le Trio Joubran

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