This blog was birthed out of a necessity to reclaim a narrative. It serves as an echo chamber that brings thought to life and translates them into a canvas of words and images. It initially began as a space to counter the narrative that was being built in my name as a young Palestinian woman by the media. Slowly, it grew to become more than that, a space to freely express without any censorship or attached agendas.

I currently reside in Ramallah, Palestine. Possessing a BA from Birzeit University in English Literature and Language, I write on the politics of the Middle East with a focus on the Levant. Every once and a while, I explore beyond the political.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. This story of your time and fellow prisoners in Hasharon recalls the many stories and people from my years as a prisoner 46 years ago. The stories are upsetting and inspiring. Most difficult is knowing that now there are about eight times as many prisoners in the U.S. as there were then, and knowing that the beautiful world is not yet free.

  2. Hello! My name is Alyssa Reyes. I’m grad student in Women’s Studies at Claremont Grad University in Southern California. I am working on a project for class relating to women, social media, and social activism. I found your profile on Twitter recently and am extremely interested in speaking with you! I know you are probably extremely busy, but I was hoping I could email or message with you some questions (just personal questions about your experience, etc.). If by any chance you would be willing to help me with my research project, please email me back! Thank you for your time, and I hope to speak with you soon!

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