Not in the name of the Palestinian cause

  Palestine has been a major fixation in regards to a cause fighting injustice coming in the form of imperialism and colonialism. To stand with Palestine is to stand against injustice, apartheid, colonialism and imperialism.  Solidarity is crucial in the destruction of any imperialist unjust regime, it serves to isolate it through the voice of the masses … Continue reading Not in the name of the Palestinian cause

Dealing with teargas: from the Palestinian experience

Dealing with teargas: Most of the tactics below are used in order to decrease the effects of teargas in order to remain conscious and avoid collapsing. 1- Take note of the direction of the wind all the times, and look for the location of the teargas canister in order to avoid it. Move in the opposite direction … Continue reading Dealing with teargas: from the Palestinian experience

6 beds, ink and one story

Since 1967, Israel has detained around 20% of the Palestinian population and approximately 40% of Palestinian males.The majority of those arrested are transferred into Israel, where they are held and if charged will most likely serve their sentence. Although this is a clear violation of Article 76 in the Geneva Convention which states "all protected … Continue reading 6 beds, ink and one story

Loud music, silent hearts

In between Birzeit university’s open day, Ramallah’s charade of a commemoration which more so resembled a joyful celebration of our exodus, two Palestinian youth, Nadeem Siam and Mohammad Odeh were murdered by Israeli forces during a demonstration near Ofer prison. As people sing songs, wave flags and echo we will return, Nadeem and Mohammad’s family … Continue reading Loud music, silent hearts

From Palestine to Yarmouk

As conditions in Yarmouk worsen, Palestinians have taken stands in solidarity as well as in demand for more action from Palestinian leadership. Demonstrations organized by Palestinians have erupted  in historic Palestine and abroad. The below statement was thrown from rooftops in down town Ramallah on January 11, by an anonymous group blaming the PLO for its … Continue reading From Palestine to Yarmouk

International solidarity with Palestine: personal observations

After a recent discovery of a solidarity page on Facebook with the title of “International Community to save Palestine” which at this moment in time has over 8,000 likes, the problems with international solidarity with the Palestinian struggle must once again be addressed. Although those that liked this page may well have good intentions, the … Continue reading International solidarity with Palestine: personal observations

إلى مصطفى Dear Mustafa,

Tomorrow is Friday again, and like every Friday since 2009 Nabi Saleh will protest in the face of occupation. However, unlike every Friday, tomorrow we will commemorate the murder of a comrade, a resisting Palestinian, you. Nabi Saleh will be fearlessly, courageously, and defiantly resisting an illegal occupation. But you already know that. You yourself … Continue reading إلى مصطفى Dear Mustafa,