Lina Khattab and 5 court dates later

9 IN THE MORNING, in the numbing cold and right after a snow storm, Lina Khattab’s family waits outside the military courts of Ofer prison in the West Bank. Lina Khattab has been in the Israeli jail of Hasharon for a month now. Four court dates later, her family holds very little hope of her … Continue reading Lina Khattab and 5 court dates later

6 beds, ink and one story

Since 1967, Israel has detained around 20% of the Palestinian population and approximately 40% of Palestinian males.The majority of those arrested are transferred into Israel, where they are held and if charged will most likely serve their sentence. Although this is a clear violation of Article 76 in the Geneva Convention which states "all protected … Continue reading 6 beds, ink and one story

Loud music, silent hearts

In between Birzeit university’s open day, Ramallah’s charade of a commemoration which more so resembled a joyful celebration of our exodus, two Palestinian youth, Nadeem Siam and Mohammad Odeh were murdered by Israeli forces during a demonstration near Ofer prison. As people sing songs, wave flags and echo we will return, Nadeem and Mohammad’s family … Continue reading Loud music, silent hearts