Basic guidelines for solidarity activists

Solidarity  often translates into a saviorship complex, whereby the so called solidarity activist views the oppressed group with pity and aims to help through saving them from their turmoil. Pity as a sentiment stems from feelings of supremacy and arrogance. They enforce subconscious feelings of inferiorizing and othering. Rather than extending arms for support, individuals with … Continue reading Basic guidelines for solidarity activists

Recollection and memory, Al-Nakba continues

Editor's note: The following post is written by the medic that was present on the scene on May 15th 2014, during the killing of Mohammad Odeh and Nadeem Nuwwarah as protesters commemorated al-Nakba near Ofer Military Prison. By Karam (Muhannad) During Nakba day commemoration, Birzeit’s student council were trying to gather students to go to Ofer, … Continue reading Recollection and memory, Al-Nakba continues

Revisiting non-violence and solidarity

As the situation in Baltimore unravels it is essential to revisit the discourse on non-violence and solidarity. It seems that as the situation escalates in Baltimore many have scurried to their social media accounts to express their opinions on the course of action to be taken. Unfortunately, it seems that a good portion of those … Continue reading Revisiting non-violence and solidarity

The war is not over.

As you walk in the streets of Ramallah, with its aesthetically appealing buildings and the chaos of shoppers and street vendors the silence here is deafening. We continue to protract this bubble deeper into the echelons of denial and complacency. The ululations in the summer for Gaza, and the metamorphosis into a population of cheerleaders … Continue reading The war is not over.

Aggrandized portraits and destruction

Brave Palestinian women, brave Palestinian men, and brave children, standing up to soldiers with guns. Baring their chests and fighting an entire army with only their conviction. We constantly reiterate these proclamations without addressing the underlying context or deconstructing their implied meaning. We’ve come to associate an entire population with attributes that are more fitting … Continue reading Aggrandized portraits and destruction

6 beds, ink and one story

Since 1967, Israel has detained around 20% of the Palestinian population and approximately 40% of Palestinian males.The majority of those arrested are transferred into Israel, where they are held and if charged will most likely serve their sentence. Although this is a clear violation of Article 76 in the Geneva Convention which states "all protected … Continue reading 6 beds, ink and one story

Loud music, silent hearts

In between Birzeit university’s open day, Ramallah’s charade of a commemoration which more so resembled a joyful celebration of our exodus, two Palestinian youth, Nadeem Siam and Mohammad Odeh were murdered by Israeli forces during a demonstration near Ofer prison. As people sing songs, wave flags and echo we will return, Nadeem and Mohammad’s family … Continue reading Loud music, silent hearts