Revisiting non-violence and solidarity

As the situation in Baltimore unravels it is essential to revisit the discourse on non-violence and solidarity. It seems that as the situation escalates in Baltimore many have scurried to their social media accounts to express their opinions on the course of action to be taken. Unfortunately, it seems that a good portion of those … Continue reading Revisiting non-violence and solidarity

Events in Palestine; Spring/Summer 2015

There is more to Palestine than the colonization perpetuated by Israel. Despite the occupation Palestine has a rich culture and carries out educational events on a constant basis.If you're in the region, it may prove fruitful to join in on some of these events and explore Palestine. Below are links about some of the ongoing events … Continue reading Events in Palestine; Spring/Summer 2015

The war is not over.

As you walk in the streets of Ramallah, with its aesthetically appealing buildings and the chaos of shoppers and street vendors the silence here is deafening. We continue to protract this bubble deeper into the echelons of denial and complacency. The ululations in the summer for Gaza, and the metamorphosis into a population of cheerleaders … Continue reading The war is not over.

Aggrandized portraits and destruction

Brave Palestinian women, brave Palestinian men, and brave children, standing up to soldiers with guns. Baring their chests and fighting an entire army with only their conviction. We constantly reiterate these proclamations without addressing the underlying context or deconstructing their implied meaning. We’ve come to associate an entire population with attributes that are more fitting … Continue reading Aggrandized portraits and destruction

Sabra and Shatilla then, Yarmouk today

As we commemorate 32 years since the slaughter of Palestinians in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla, Yarmouk must be addressed once again. There is a certain binary between what happened in 1982, and what is occurring today in Yarmouk refugee camp. Whilst we fixate our anger towards a commemoration and yet continue to … Continue reading Sabra and Shatilla then, Yarmouk today

Preaching about freedom whilst we remain complicit in another oppression

Syria, we have failed you, we have dumped you into the echelons of our memories afraid to voice our solidarity and support for you in your struggle against an oppressive regime. We have used excuses that do not justify the massacre, and remained silent as we preached about freedom.Approximately 30 Palestinians have been tortured in … Continue reading Preaching about freedom whilst we remain complicit in another oppression

Not in the name of the Palestinian cause

  Palestine has been a major fixation in regards to a cause fighting injustice coming in the form of imperialism and colonialism. To stand with Palestine is to stand against injustice, apartheid, colonialism and imperialism.  Solidarity is crucial in the destruction of any imperialist unjust regime, it serves to isolate it through the voice of the masses … Continue reading Not in the name of the Palestinian cause

Dealing with teargas: from the Palestinian experience

Dealing with teargas: Most of the tactics below are used in order to decrease the effects of teargas in order to remain conscious and avoid collapsing. 1- Take note of the direction of the wind all the times, and look for the location of the teargas canister in order to avoid it. Move in the opposite direction … Continue reading Dealing with teargas: from the Palestinian experience