Israeli propaganda machine sends a false image with the video of Ahmad Mansara

English follows Arabic: 

توضيح من محامي اللجنه التنسيقيه للمقاومه الشعبيه الاستاذ طارق برغوت : الاعلام العبري تداول فيديو يظهر من خلاله الطفل الاسير المصاب احمد مناصرة ( مهانيه ) وهو يتناول الطعام علی فراش المستشفی وتم الادعاء ان السجانين يطعموه بايديهم وانهم يعاملونه معامله حسنه .. ان هذا الافتراء مقرف .. واليكم القصه الحقيقيه .. خلال زيارتي للطفل احمد جاء طعام الغذاء ولكنه لم يأكل فسألته لماذا لا تريد الاكل قال لانه يعاني باوجاع بفكيه بسبب الضرب المبرح وايضا لان يده اليمين مقيده … لذلك قمت باخذ صحن طعام يحتوي علی الجلو وبدأت باطعامه وخلال ذلك دخل ع الغرفه شخص مدني وقدم نفسه بأنه من مكتب رئيس الوزاء نتن ياهو فسألته ما سبب الزيارة فقال لي انني اريد ان اطمئن ان امور الطفل علی ما يرام . فبدأت اشرح له ان اموره ليست ع ما يرام حيث انه مقيد ولا يستطيع تناول الطعام او الذهاب الی الحمام وان حراسه يعاملونه بطريقه غير انسانيه حيث يكيلون عليه الشتائم ويبصقون عليه واحيانا يهددونه بالقتل .. هذا الشرح كان خلال اطعام الطفل من قبلي ( ارجو الانتباه الی القميص الابيض وربطة العنق التي تحمل رمز النقابه ) ويبدو ان الشخص من مكتب رئيس الوزراء كان يحمل كاميرا مخفيه ويجب ان تلاحظوا ان الفيديو من غير صوت … هذا الكذب والافتراء جاء لكي يبيض صفحة هذا الكيان وعلی رأسه رئيس وزراؤهم المجرم الذي يتصرف بشكل عير قانوني عندما قام مكتبه بتصوير الطفل ونشره بالاعلام من اجل تدعيم الحمله الدعائيه ضد ابو مازن بالرغم من ان هذا العمل ممنوع قانونيا .. انهم يكذبون بشكل وقح .. انهم يعاملون احمد بطريقه بربريه ويدعون انهم يعاملونه بلطف لغاية انهم يطعمونه بايديهم … انه كذب وافتراء حقير نفذ من اعلی سلطة لهذا الكيان .. ارجو النشر
هنا رابط الفيديو الذي تم نشره من حكومه الاحتلال الاسرائيليه و يظهر فيها المحامي طارق برغوت :

As images and a video is shared widely on social media of Palestinian child, Ahmad Manasra published by Israeli media, there is a concealed story which is being missed by Zionist outlets. Firstly, the photos and video were distributed by the Israeli government as an attempt to debunk Mahmoud Abbas’ statement that the young boy was killed by Israeli forces. It is not distributed as a reinforcement of the young boy’s health, rather as a mechanism to de-legitimize Palestinian concern for the continued Israeli aggression towards Palestinians.

Below is a rough translation of a statement from Tareq Barghout, the lawyer for Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (who was present with Ahmad Manasra): 

Hebrew media has shown a video of injured prisoner Ahmad Manasra as he eats food on his bed in the hospital with allegations that the jailers are feeding him with their own hands and treating him well. This allegation is repulsive and here is the true story. 

During my visits to the child Ahmad, food was brought to him but he did not eat. I asked him why he did not wish to wat and he responded telling me, he didn’t want to eat because he still suffered from pain from the brutal beatings he faced and due to his right hand being shackled. As a result, I began to feed him from the plate of food myself. At that moment, an individual, seemingly civilian entered the room and identified himself as someone from the Prime Minister, Netanyahu’s, office. I inquired the reason behind his visit and he told me that he wanted to check up on the affairs of the child and mae sure they’re okay. I began to explain to him that things are not alright, as the child is shackled and connot eat food or go to the bathroom and the guards are treating him in an inhumane manner where they curse at him, spit at him and sometimes threaten to kill him.

This conversation occurred as I was feeding the child (note the white top and tie holding the union’s code). It appears that this individual from the Prime Minister’s office was carrying a hidden camera, and notice that the video is without audio. These lies and slander, headed by a criminal for Prime Minister- who acted illegal when photographing the child and publishing the photos- serve only to whiten the page and reinforce their propaganda against Abu Mazan despite it being an illegal act.

They are shamelessly lying.

They are treating Ahmad in a barbaric way whilst claiming they are treating him kindly and feeding him with their hands. It is lying and a despicable presentation perpetuated by the highest authority of this entity.

Below is the video published by the occupying government of Israel:

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