Bahaa Allyan.

Bahaa Allyan writes will of a martyr. Dec. 2014
Bahaa Allyan writes will of a martyr. Dec. 2014

The Ten Commandments of any martyr:

1- I urge factions to not adopt my martyrdom, for it was for the homeland and not for you.

2- I do not want posters or shirts, for my memory will not merely be a poster to be hung on the walls.

3- I remind you to care for my mother. Do not exhaust her with your questions where the only motive is to draw out emotion for the empathy of viewers and nothing more.

4- Do not implant hatred in my son’s heart. Let him discover his homeland and die for his homeland and not for revenge of my death.

5- If they [Israel] wants to demolish my house, then let them. The stone is not more precious than the soul created by God.

6-Do not grieve my martyrdom, grieve over what will happen to you after me.

7- Do not search for what I have written before my martyrdom, search for what is behind my martyrdom.

8- Do not chant during my funeral and be impulsive. Just be on Wudu’ during the funeral prayers and nothing more.

9- Do not make me a number you will remember today and forget tomorrow.

10- I will see you in heaven.

-Baha’a Allyan

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