Sabra and Shatilla then, Yarmouk today

As we commemorate 32 years since the slaughter of Palestinians in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla, Yarmouk must be addressed once again.

There is a certain binary between what happened in 1982, and what is occurring today in Yarmouk refugee camp. Whilst we fixate our anger towards a commemoration and yet continue to remain piercingly silent about the atrocities in Syria and more specifically Yarmouk, we are tainting and insulting all the lives lost in 1982.

We are trapped in waves of anger that appear only in moments of commemoration, yet that wrath subsides when we address the issues at hand. We have betrayed our brothers and sisters in Yarmouk camp, whilst we ululate the names of the 1982 massacre.

Residents of the besieged Palestinian camp of Yarmouk line up to receive food supplies in Damascus, Syria, Jan. 31, 2014. AP/UNRWA

There is a hypocrisy to memorializing a past massacre whilst disregarding an ongoing macabre. 32 years from now, it is not lives we will be commemorating, rather tongues we ought to sever in remembrance of the silence that perpetuated an agony.

Yarmouk remains under siege for over 400 days, with thousands of lives lost. 30 Palestinians have been murdered under torture in regime jails in the month of August alone. Water has been cut off for over a week, and thousands more fight death every single day.

Do not taint the lives of the martyrs in Sabra and Shatilla with your hypocrisy. Do not speak of tributes and commemorations as you salute another on slaughter. Do not think for a single second, that you will ever be forgiven.

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