Not in the name of the Palestinian cause


Photograph: Oliver Weiken/EPA


Palestine has been a major fixation in regards to a cause fighting injustice coming in the form of imperialism and colonialism. To stand with Palestine is to stand against injustice, apartheid, colonialism and imperialism. 

Solidarity is crucial in the destruction of any imperialist unjust regime, it serves to isolate it through the voice of the masses demanding it stripped of all its legitimacy to oppress.

There are however, those that use the Palestinian cause either to redeem their guilt or to mask the charade of their own injustice. 
Therefore it is crucial for Palestinians to address these problems and to refuse having our cause be a platform to guise tyranny and oppression of others under the pretext of supporting Palestine in attempts to legitimize another oppressive system, and we as Palestinians must reject any solidarity or support that stems from an injustice. 
As Palestinians, we have been calling on the international community, namely neighboring Arab neighbors to act and show solidarity with Palestine. With that, we forgot to address those nations own tyrant rulers. If it serves the Palestinian cause we remain content and turn a blind eye. We have seen it happen with Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad, Qatar’s ruling family, Libya’s Qaddafi, Turkey’s Erdogan, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and many more. Many Palestinians disregarded those ruler’s own unjust actions and focused on their pseudo support for the Palestinian cause. 
The fixation on Palestine has created these schisms between the people and a repugnant disregard to the struggle of others. As Palestinians we must refuse any injustice committed against any people, even if it serves the Palestinian cause. 
This also applies to individuals, those that support Palestine yet continue to remain silent against other injustices across the globe. Palestine is not the only place struggling against an unjust system. We are fighting a system that precedes the history of Palestine and is acting in many forms outside of Israeli colonialism. Therefore, it is vital for the destruction of injustices and to ensure a culture based on mutual respect and combating injustice that we acknowledge the abuse of our cause. 
If it is at the expense of the blood of others, it must be refused. We cannot have our name be complicit in the oppression of others around the world. Any struggle, is a struggle that deserves solidarity, action, and support. An injustice is an injustice no matter the form it comes in. 
This is addressed to all those that oppress and use Palestine to legitimize their oppression. We cannot have the Palestinian liberation be tainted with a blood trail of others. that would be no liberation at all and we would have failed the entire purpose of the cause that stands against imperialism, colonialism and oppression. 
Not in the name of Palestine and not in the name of pseudo solidarity. 
Viva Bahrain, Chiapas, Brazil, Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, Kashmir, Turkey, Egypt, Somalia, Uganda, Lebanon, Ferguson, and every single struggle out there. 
To stand against injustice is to stand against injustice, you cannot be selective.  

6 thoughts on “Not in the name of the Palestinian cause

  1. Maryam,
    For people under pressure and oppression to maintain the ability to think in universal terms — at least from time to time — ought to inspire those you are addressing in this post, some of whom I assume are like me, at a geographical distance, to do the same.
    One suggestion about this sentence:
    “As Palestinians we must refuse any injustice committed against any people, even if it serves the Palestinian cause.”
    Any injustice committed against any people cannot truly serve the Palestinian cause in any but a superficial and empty sense of conventional politics, because all are one. Any injustice harms the enactment of the universal human rights, which is ultimately anyone’s only support.
    Joseph Maizlish, Los Angeles, CA USA

  2. I agree with most of the sentiment in your post, but there is something I think you’re missing.

    “As Palestinians we must refuse any injustice committed against any people, even if it serves the Palestinian cause.”

    Does ‘any people’ include injustice against Israel? Is it just, or even honest, to use the words apartheid, colonialism and imperialism in relation to Israel?

    “Therefore, it is vital for the destruction of injustices and to ensure a culture based on mutual respect and combating injustice that we acknowledge the abuse of our cause.”

    Does ensuring a culture of mutual respect extend towards your neighbours Israel? Does demonising your neighbour actually help the cause of Palestinian emancipation, or does it hinder and abuse your cause.

    Surely the emancipation of the Palestinians is a good in itself, which does not need or depend on the demonization of the other.

    What if Israel isn’t the apartheid, colonial, imperial boogeyman you present it as. What if, instead, its a nation state, indigenous to the region, in conflict with another nation indigenous to the region, and they both need to reconcile with each other.

    • Israel is built on the blood of Palestnians as it continues to ethnically cleanse and colonise Palestine in its settler-colonialism.

      You cannot equate it with indigenous struggles and struggles against oppressive regimes.

      • Thank you for replying.

        It is possible to equate Zionism with indigenous struggles against oppressive regimes. In fact, its happened before. Up until the 1970s that’s exactly how the west used to view Zionism – an anti-Imperialist force against the British/Ottoman Empires. That changed after the 1967 war, and also because, crucially, the Soviets turned against Zionism (mainly because Soviet weaponry was defeated by western made weaponry, and because democracies are much harder for the soviets to manipulate than dictatorships).

        Arab nationalism opposed Zionism, because when empires fall, there are often competing nationalisms in the same space, especially where more than one nation has emerged from the same space but at different times. Considering the number of Jewish refugees from arab countries, one could argue that Zionism also opposed oppressive Arab Imperialism too (and now Islamist Imperialism).

        Yes the blood of some Palestinians and some Jews were spilt during Israel’s war of independence against the arab armies. But the arab militias and armies caused much bloodshed too (think of all the towns and villages that were ethnically cleansed of Jews during this time). Does that mean the cause of Palestinian emancipation is negated? No of course not.

        We have two valid, legitimate nationalisms (Zionism and Arab Nationalism). In order to have peace the two need to reconcile. They won’t/can’t reconcile whilst demonisation of the other happens.

        Whilst this demonization of the other happens (whether its Israeli’s saying there never was/is a nation/country called Palestine/they’re all terrorists, or when people say Zionism = racism/apartheid/ethnic cleansing and all the other boogyman stuff), the current cycle of conflict will just continue and be entrenched.

        Does one nation have to exist only at the expense of the other?

        Are people really in solidarity with Palestinian emancipation from the Israeli’s, or do they simply wish for the boot to be on the other foot.

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