Donation Needed

To whom it may concern,

With the ongoing assault in Gaza, thousands have been murdered and hundreds of thousands more displaced with nowhere to hide.
Safety is an urban myth when Israeli colonialism is involved. 
We have been reached out to by a family that chooses to remain anonymous due to security reasons.
They, like most Gazans went from tragedy to tragedy. During the Israeli ground invasion, they sought refuge with their family in Shujayaah and had arrived early in the morning of the first massacre there. 
Two children of that family were killed and buried that morning. They went back to their home in Beit Lahia, which was still intact at that point, and the brother that went into the home to lock it made a near escape as Israeli forces bombed the house as he was leaving. Later that day, the uncle’s home was also bombed as the entire family was seeking refuge in that home. 
Family members were rescued from under rubble and some managed to dig themselves out. 
The women of the family are currently residing at a relative’s home whilst the men are squatting in a garden nearby under the buzzing of drones and bombing by Israeli forces.
The UN shelters are unable to accomodate them and the men need $300 in order to to afford rent of a house to seek refuge. 
This is a callout to assist in funding this family. 
If you can donate please do so in the link attached.
Updates on the well-being of the family and them recieving the funds will be posted in an updated post. 
The fight continues in Gaza for a dignified life. 
***If the link is not working for you, the email associated with the paypal account is :

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