How Palestinians can give solidarity with Gaza

You don’t.

We are all under the same colonialism, and in its divide and conquer tactic it creates schisms between its people geographically, socially and economically.

In the West Bank we are not liberated to be showing solidarity through vigils and demonstrations where we chant hollow chants about the strength in Gaza. We are under colonialism and although the Zionist movement has chosen specific areas such as the metropolitan shit that is Ramallah and allowed them to flourish (whatever that means) we are still occupied.

As a colonial power, Israel allows certain bantustans to appear as though they are not under occupation, on the contrary that they are separate bodies with an entirely different culture/population.

We are under colonialism, from the river to the sea, and there are Palestinians in the diaspora who are also suffering from this colonialism. We can’t abide to “showing solidarity.” That is for the international community. As Palestinians we need to fight the oppression, all of it.

Gaza is not the Palestinian cause, historic Palestine is. Gaza is a fraction of it, and in order to be effective the struggle cannot be exclusive to a single city. It is fundamental that we step away from actions such as vigils and stands for Gaza, rather than follow in the footsteps of resistance. All forms of resistance.




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