Loud music, silent hearts

In between Birzeit university’s open day, Ramallah’s charade of a commemoration which more so resembled a joyful celebration of our exodus, two Palestinian youth, Nadeem Siam and Mohammad Odeh were murdered by Israeli forces during a demonstration near Ofer prison.

As people sing songs, wave flags and echo we will return, Nadeem and Mohammad’s family were mourning the death of their children.

As the world screams with noise, silence bursts into the hearts of those that know Nadeem and Mohammad.

Nadeem and Mohammad’s death prove more than ever that the Nakba is not a date to be annually remembered, it’s a reminder of the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

No song, no chant, no festival will return them or any martyr to us. The end of colonization won’t even return them us. If we continue to be desensitized to the murder of our children, of us. Eventually we will liberate it and have a land with no people, and that is no victory.

Left (Nadeem Siam); Right (Mohammad Odeh)

This is not a report on how many bullets hit the young boys, it is not a statistic sheet on what number they are on the charts, it is not a reminder of the human rights violations their deaths alone resemble. It’s not even a reminder of the fascism of Israel.

This is presentation of a fraction of the lives that was hijacked. This is their life.

Nadeem, born March 25th 1997, was only 17 when he was shot in the chest by an Israeli soldier.

According to his friends used to like playing basketball and hoped to even make it professional at one point. According to his Facebook page, he used to like the Chicago Bulls.

Mohammad Odeh, also a young teenager was described to be one with a kind soul and a lover of life.

Both young boys never met, and now they share a death date.

I will not glorify them, call them heroes and say they’re lucky because they got an honourable death worthy of resistors. They were young, and still haven’t done enough mistakes.

As their friends and family get accustomed to referring to them as part of the past, the memory that cannot be here today, we commemorate the Nakba, that is nowhere near being a memory.

There are the details to their lives that will haunt their friends and family, the details to their lives that we will never get to know.


Nadeem Siam (Photo via Nadeem’s FB page)


Mohammad Odeh (Photo via Mohammad FB page)
Friends post on Nadeem’s FB page letters of love.
Translation: Where are you, why, how, when?
Why did you leave us and go?
Why were you in such a hurry to leave?
You, you, you, Nadeem, rest in peace,
Friends post on Nadeem’s FB wall
translation: Nadeem, my life, May God have mercy on you.
My soul, I love you.
May God take care of you, love.
You are in a better place now.
I love you.
That’s it. Everything is gone,
I can’t stand in front of the school gate and laugh anymore.
There is no one I can laugh with anymore.
There isn’t anyone to make me laugh.
Oh God.


Mohammad Odeh’s younger brother.
May God have mercy on you, bro I’ll never forget you. (Via Nadeem’s FB page)
Mohammad Odeh looking through his phone.

This is a fraction of the life Israel has stolen from us. These are the souls that are gone. 66 years later, and the record is on repeat.

4 thoughts on “Loud music, silent hearts

  1. Shouldn’t your anger be directed toward these boys’ military commanders (rather than your Jewish enemy)?

    Why did these children have to die on the altar of Rohingya ultra-nationalism? Isn’t it time for the Ummah to engage in self-reflection and think carefully whether all this ‘Resistance’ has really been worth it?

    Obviously it’s sad when soldiers die in a pointless war, and I truly empathize with the grief of these soldiers’ families. But, respectfully, the global Left should direct its’ #MuslimRage where it belongs – toward the Axis of Resistance, and the suicidal military commanders of the State of Palestine who are destroying its’ people’s future.

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