Stainless Steel

“Prison is a mental state,
free your mind,
to free Palestine”

They had cartoons on the walls and sang the blues,

They screamed life,

we echoed heroes.

They screamed life,

we echoed invincible.

They screamed life!

Aesthetically beautifying the macabre hidden behind metal bars and an illusion of sunlight.


becomes the taboo cultivated and pasted behind poetry on temporary posters.


is the grim reaper chuckling behind an axe.


becomes the name the strong call out.


created by patriarchy and endorsed by the evergreens.


The banging becomes the trigger to reality,


the subtle reminder of outside interaction.

Inside they laugh,

grimace and grin,

their eyes have become home to the Sahara desert,

and now all they do is smile.

Smile and cry.

Needle point neat,

coating an uncontrollable situation, with absolute control.

Touch becomes a privilege.

Stainless steel, is the friend that caresses your dry skin,

and EVERYONE becomes a professional singer.

Imagination becomes your best friend and worst enemy.


is when your favorite flower is Jasmine but you ask for cacti.

The screams.

the screams pierce your ear,

and like a child you hide behind mama begging it to stop.

You beg it to stop,

until your notice it’s your vocal folds vibrating.


This isn’t real.


this isn’t real.




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