Normalizing through silence

Moataz Washaha, was killed by Israeli forces on February 27, 2014. His murder came after a raid by the Israeli army in Birzeit in attempt to arrest youth accused of “terror activity.”

Today, Palestinians and the world remained silent. Unsurprising yet still sickening in the most horrific way.

I will not go on with the comparison of “if Moataz was Jewish or if Moataz was white, or if Moataz was Israeli, the world would be in an uproar.”

I will not inferiorize him with such a comparison. I will not try and prove his life to you. I will not sit here and attempt to convince the world that he’s human and that he too bleeds blood or that his life was stolen from him by the “most moral army in the world.”

I will, however,  tell you that Moataz was 24 years young, and that he was an active Palestinian. I will keep repeating his name,


Moataz. The name means to be proud.

No. I will not say we should be proud he’s a martyr.

I will not glorify him.

I will not exploit the grief of his family and friends.


Moataz is dead. Even if I continue telling you to ingrain his name in your mind, it means nothing. Moataz is dead.

He’s a lifeless body six feet under as our so called leaders negotiate away our rights.


Let that name be synonymous with our failure as a people to prevent these acts, a new martyr is not a time to glorify and cope by glorifying that form of death.

It is another reminder of our failures, our ineptitude to stand up, to be proud, to be moatazeen.

His death is not normal, regardless of what we tell ourselves before we go to sleep at night.

Our silence is not to be justified.

To have his murderer go on to live his life is not acceptable.

Every martyr, every day our prisoners remain behind bars, every home demolition, every arrest, every traumatized individual is the monument that is our failure as colonized people to say no.



while your name is associated with pride I am not proud.

I am ashamed and sorry.

You’re worth more than a few posts, and some media action. We are worth more than a few posts and media action.


I will not be able to say your name out loud until we can fulfill its meaning in its entirety.

While you rest in power, we rest in silence and a colonized mind.

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